Here at Guru3D we have a sharp eye on the latest and greatest from the hardware industry, often the focus is on high-end components. Every now and then though we receive a product that is to be found in the budget segment, the sub 100 EUR/USD area. These products often offer a lot of value for money, and always... seriously you'll always be able to tweak the living daylights out of them.

Today as such we wanted to re-examine the Radeon HD 5670, a sub 100 USD graphics card that certainly is not a card with a lot of muscle, but for low-level and not too demanding gaming, it can suffice. MSI decided to redesign the board a little bit, slapped a Cyclone cooler on the GPU, ditched their high-end 'military class' components on it, equipped it with some faster memory and bam... you've got yourself a product that can be tweaked into the stratosphere.

I'm not joking here, this card comes at a default clock of 775 MHz, yet we were able to push it fairly easy over 1 GHz, and that certainly does help out with a somewhat limited product.

Too good to be true, or real value? Well, let's find out in a review on the MSI R5670 Cyclone 1G, oh yeah... they slapped 1 GB of graphics memory on there. Have a peek and then let's head onward into the review.

When ATI released the Radeon HD 5670 last week they put a product on the market that allows for a little game play, a product that drives several monitors, a product that is excellent for generic desktop usage including usage with high-resolution monitors but also .. it created a nearly perfect HTPC graphics cards if you look at video decoding, acceleration and post processing versus performance and price.

The one thing we mentioned in the reference review however was the fact that the reference product is a tiny bit too audible for a HTPC (well at least for me .. I'm totally anal like that). So I was already expecting ATI's partners to release a product with custom cooling to keep them noise levels down a notch further.

Of course the minute when that popped into my mind I already received an email from the guys at HIS, asking us to review the Radeon HD 5670 equipped with their classic ICEQ cooler. And that equals completely silent noise levels versus good cooling at a fair price.

HIS product always have been grand in terms of price, performance and features. A company's products I'd purchase anytime over say a brand like Sapphire for many good reasons

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