If there is one product in the Fermi (GF100) line-up that came out reasonably positive in terms of noise and heat levels, then it has to be the GeForce GTX 465. This series is performing pretty nicely. It is a DX11 class graphics card that appeals to lot of us. As such it makes a lot of sense for AIB's and ODM to take this product to the next level rather then to invest time, money and resources in say the GeForce GTX 480. The two negatives of the GeForce GTX 465 however are a slightly high TDP at 200 Watt and of course its price level. Tagged with a sub-300 USD price tag, the performance to price ratio is quickly overthrown by the cheaper Radeon HD 5850.

As such some of the board partners figured, let's go back to the drawing table and come up with something new and good. MSI adopted their own PCB design, diverted to custom quality component usage, uncovered and applied the new Twin Frozr II GPU cooler and upped the price with only 10 USD, which is extremely reasonable considering as to what you purchase we say.

The end result is a much better looking card that you honestly can hardly hear, it comes with really first-class GPU temperatures. Thus the end result is a spectacular looking GeForce GTX 465 that remains very silent. And combined with some overclocking with the help of AfterBurner software, this graphics card can overclock very high. 800MHz should be a really easy target to achieve, and considering these cards run at a default 600 MHz core you can already imagine yourself the additional performance you can tweak out of it.

GeForce GTX 465 SLI review

NVIDIA today is releasing the 3rd product resurrected from the Fermi family of GPUs, the GeForce GTX 465 has arrived. Armed with a smaller thermal print, noise levels and performance, NVIDIA is positioning this product in the 279 EUR price range bringing the Fermi architecture below the sub-300 USD price point. The GeForce GTX 465 will position itself in the most affordable graphics card segmented in lower spectrum of the high-end range. As such it will be targeted against the Radeon HD 5830 and should sit in-between that product and the Radeon HD 5850.

This product is based on the 40nm GF100 GPU, yet to be more affordable it has less shader processors at it's disposal (helps with poorer yields) and the memory configuration is now brought down towards 1024 MB (gDDR5). This all means that several other shader cluster inside that GPU have been disabled, on a card that looks surprisingly similar to the GeForce GTX 470.

The product tested today originates from Point of View, they submitted two of the cards which we'll test in-depth to see where they position themselves, not only in a single GPU configuration, but also multi-GPU with the two cards setup in SLI mode.

Will thermals be better, will the noise levels stay within normal limits ? Well, you are here to find all that out. Have a peek at what is introduced today at the start of the Computex 2010 exhibition in Taiwan, the all new GeForce GTX 465

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