You know, when ATI released Eyefinity a year or two ago NVIDIA was taken by surprise, I mean .. pants down and everything. What I found surprising is that NVIDIA never really adapted to some sort of Eyefinity for their single graphics card solutions

Sure, they have Surround view mode, but it requires two graphics cards setup in SLI or that GeForce GTX 590, which again has two GPUs. Currently the graphics card market is slow, very slow and the board partners are eagerly looking into adding new options into their products just to differentiate themselves and offer a comparable product opposed to the competition. One of the requests from board partners was to see products like the GTX 560 and higher with some sort of surround view that can be used on just one graphics card.

NVIDIA unfortunately is not doing anything with that idea and even the recent GTX 560 release shows no new innovation whatsoever.

As such some board partners with development capacity started thinking about new options, and the reality is simple .. if you want surround view on a graphics card, then with the latest  connections you can simply split high-bandwidth dual-link connections into more links. It really is as simple as that, so amongst one or two others KFA2 / Galaxy is now slowly starting to release multi-monitor graphics cards on which you can even game on up-to four monitors.

Today as such we test the all new MDT X5 (multi display technology) from them. They implemented the feature as a broad test on the GeForce GTX 560. This card as tested today actually comes with six display output connectors of which four are mini-HDMI, one DVI and one Display port connector. The card supports 2 / 3 / 4 monitors in span mode and 2x2 in stack mode over the HDMI connectors.

A great feature, but immediately the question rises .. a GeForce GTX 560 Ti can of course never drive 3+ monitors in a game as it lacks the GPU power. But perhaps Galaxy / KFA2 will bring this feature into the high-end range of products, and that would obviously be nice.

As such, today we'll be focusing on single cards - single monitor performance, but obviously we'll hook up a couple of monitors as well to see if this feature actually works. Have a peek, and then let's head into the review.

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